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Director Jin Ran

Interview by Tiffany Tsay, based in Washington Standing next to a group of 17 year-olds on stage, Jin Ran, in her jean shorts and cardigan, totally fits in. The empty theatre can accommodate an audience […]

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Architect Luoyi Yin

Interview by Eva Xie, based in Beijing //////////////////////// Luoyi Yin graduated from Columbia University with a Masters of Architecture. He also furthered his studies with a Ph.D in Architecture at Cambridge University. Now he is […]

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Karmen Cheung

Musician Karmen Cheung

Interview by ND, based in Hong Kong 

karmencheung profile pic
You can find Karmen Cheung’s debut EP HOPE LAND on iTunes. For more information, visit Karmen’s facebook page.

Under the galaxy ceiling in a cozy attic, Karmen Cheung, 25, sits cross-legged on the floor singing with her guitar to bid farewell to her artist friend. Women in their flowery beach dresses play African drums and Ukulees while men spin poi, a performing art style originating from the Maori people of New Zealand.

It is dark and quiet outside but the beach house is lit up by beautiful lyrics and melodies. This group of musicians and artists is what Karmen calls her Lantau family.

Having toured around the world including the U.S., Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan while producing her first EP, Karmen says she is excited and determined for her future.

Karmen will also sing, dance and act for the first time on stage where she will play a dancer in the Broadway musical A Chorus Line, produced by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (YAF). She is among twenty people selected from about 700 people who auditioned for different roles in this production.

Art Zeen met with Karmen Cheung for a chat after her recent Fukuoka tour, which celebrated Asian artists.