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Musician Plenthe

Interview by Swastika Nohara based in Jakarta ////////////////////// Plenthe is a Javanese musician who has toured many countries, performing at various international art festivals in the Netherlands, Australia and Zimbabwe. His band, Plenthe Percussion has released […]

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Maria Klochkova Lighting Designer

Interview by Ekaterina Khaletskaya based in Moscow //////////////////////////////// Maria Klochkova is a lighting and graphic designer based in London. She studied graphic design in Russia, and then went on to pursue her masters in lighting […]

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New Media Artist Angel Lin

Video interview by Scarlett Meng, based in New York  ///////////////////// Angel Lin is a new media artist. He has showcased his work in more than thirteen exhibitions at home and abroad since 2003. In 2010, […]

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Photographer Joseph Pascual

Interview by Allyanna Anglim, based in Hong Kong ////////////////////////// Joseph Pascual, 25, is a Manila-based full-time photographer-blogger. He has done shoots for popular Filipino publications like the Philippine Daily Inquirer and local fashion and lifestyle […]

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Slow motion artist Jennifer Kidd

Interview by Joanna Pierce, based in Hong Kong //////////////////////////////// Jennifer Kidd is a stop motion animation artist from Kildare, Ireland. She is now based in London. In her final year at Dublin’s Institute of Technology […]

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Musicians Bella Elektra

Interview by Allyanna Anglim, based in Hong Kong   The billboard spotlight shines bright on them. Jeff Anello, vocals, sneaked a look at his audience and cheekily threw in a few Cantonese words in his […]

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Director Tuan Le

Interview by Art Zeen ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Vietnamese-German director kick started his career as a juggler at the age of 7 in Saigon. In 2010 he became the first Asian to win the Award of Excellence […]

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Pinaki Chakravarty

Photographer Pinaki Chakravarty

Interview by Ekaterina Khaletskaya, based in Moscow //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Pinaki Chakravarty, 33, is a photographer, writer and designer currently based in Switzerland. For the last 10 years, he has traveled around the world to capture marginalized […]

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Minor Soul

Musicians Minor Soul

Interview by ND, based in Hong Kong ///////////////////////////////// Raised in Hong Kong but of American and British heritage, nurtured in English, French and Chinese, Minor Soul is now launching a music career in New York. […]

Curator David Ben Kay

Video interview directed by Scarlett Meng, based in New York /////////////////////////// David Ben Kay is the chairman and curator of yuanfen flow. Find out more about yuanfen flow Consulting Studio. /////////////////////////// David Ben Kay is […]