Four Mistakes to Keep Out of Your Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is essential to gaining interest and funding from your investors. In the entrepreneurial realm, it is the ultimate first impression. But before you save that final draft, make sure you’re avoiding these four common pitch deck mistakes.

Mistake # 1: It’s too long.

If your presentation racks up 20 slides or more, it’s time to take another look. The average viewer spends less than four minutes on a pitch deck presentation. This is an opportunity to ensure that the right information– the financials, your team, and an analysis of the competition– is delivered in a clear and direct manner. Your pitch deck is a sneak peek into what your investors can expect when they go into business with you, and a concise presentation will secure a successful first impression.

Mistake #2: It’s too wordy.

A pitch deck needs to walk the line where text is concerned. Too little and the deck becomes useless when sent to a potential investor not able to make an in-person meeting. Too much and you risk your audience getting overwhelmed with details that distract them from the crux of your pitch. Balance your text with appropriate charts and infographics that offer variety and better define the more data-heavy portions of your presentation.

Mistake #3: There’s no story.

There’s a reason the word storyteller dominates job descriptions for marketing copywriters. Telling a story with your pitch deck provides a framework that allows for clarity, flow, and resonance. Investors aren’t just investing in your ideas– they are investing in you.

Mistake #4: There’s no call to action.

The call to action is arguably the most important element to any marketing material or strategy. An investor should never leave your pitch deck presentation uncertain of the next steps. Be clear and direct.

With deliberate writing and strategic design, your pitch deck can be the cornerstone of your next pitch meeting.