Some tips for accessorizing your outfit

Finding the right accessories that would pair well with your outfit can be a fun and creative process. Just because you are a serious professional does not mean you can’t be original with your accessories. We have a few tips to share but don’t stress about doing it right because at the end of the day there is no textbook answer to how to dress – it is really about how it makes you feel.


Accessories in any color tend to look stylish and well-coordinated when worn with any plain outfits consisting of black, white or neutral colors. However, if you are wearing a colorful outfit, it is best that your accessories don’t create a clash.


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 Match your handbag with your shoes for a coordinated look

Handbags are the key accessories for your favorite outfits. When it comes to choosing handbags, versatility is a vital thing. A formal dress usually goes with a clutch bag so maybe avoid a hobo style or a tote as they might come across as too informal for special occasions. Cross-body bags are ideal for a day outdoors. They will keep your hands free but at the same time keep your valuables close and safe. They are very easy to use and comfortable for vacations. The casual tote bag is a great accessory to complement your causal outfit be it leggings, boots or jeans. For a beautiful print outfit, simple handbags and single color accessories are the best option. You can also try to match your bag to your necklace, scarf, belt, shoes or top to achieve an original look.



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Belts enhance your curves

Who said those with defined waistlines are the ones to wear belts? We can all wear belts but with the right clothes that will transform your outfit into a fab look. To emphasize your curves use brightly colored belts over plain outfits. Patterned belts are excellent for color mixing, wide belts are best for highlighting your waist especially for those with apple body shapes. Wear skinny belts over flowy dresses to cinch the fit. Belts in neutral colors are the best as they pair easily with most outfits in your wardrobe.



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Jewelry illuminate your skin tone

We like to select jewelry that not only look great with our outfit, but enhances us as well. To illuminate your natural skin tone use jewelry metals and gemstones. Each piece serves to add value to your outfit and should be proportional to your body frame and facial features. A great jewelry is that which complements several of your outfits. We will recommend noise-free jewelry for professional women. Think watches, rings, earrings, cuffs and fingernail polish.



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Scarves compliment your look.

Scarves can be worn on the other parts of your body other than the neck as long you manipulate them into dozens of styles. Wearing a scarf to substitute for jewelry can be equally stylish.

Enjoy accessorizing your outfits – this is a simple routine that could help brighten up your day.