Women’s Wear: Heading from Work to Cocktail Hour

After hours of hustling at the office, the best part of the day is unwinding in a relaxed place with friends and perhaps a few after-work cocktails. Outfit changes would help you freshen up when you switch up the scenery. Your outfit transitions are easier than you think. It’s all about knowing how to swap a few key pieces, taking your ensemble from meh to wow! Let’s see how it’s done. 
Structured Blazer
Picture1.png business casual
As a go-to formula, a structured blazer should be paired with jeans. Easy enough right? To offset the formality of the blazer, the jeans create a more casual, easy-going vibe. The jeans can be destroyed or fitted – whichever style you choose, it’s always nice to roll up the ankle, letting you flaunt a pair of cute flats or chunky heels.So essentially, when you’re done with work and ready to head out for errands, followed by a dinner date later on, all you need is to swap your tailored trousers for cool jeans – and voila! You’ve got a stylish outfit that makes you the queen of versatile ensembles. 

Boyfriend Blazer

Is your workplace more relaxed? Perhaps you’re a trendy paralegal or a marketing guru with Uber – no matter which laidback environment you’ve got, a boyfriend blazer makes the perfect transitional piece. Simply switch your office knee-length formal skirt for a statement dress in whatever color, cut and length that suit your personality best. The key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. But it is always a good idea to have your skirt matched with a boyfriend blazer, you’ll appear both tasteful and stylish -win-win!

Tailored Blazer

To master this look, you just need to follow this simple formula: tailored blazer + black pants + cute flats. Here’s why…

The tailored blazer is known for its structure and conservative vibe. Break it up by leaving your power heels under the desk and slipping on your favorite pair of flats. You’ll still retain the fashion appeal of the blazer but you’ll look more informal for a fun evening with friends. The black pants are a smart choice because they work well for both the office and casual wear.

Picture4.png business casual - Women's Wear: Heading from Work to Cocktail Hour

You can also experiment with how you wear your shirt and hair – try finish the outfit by untucking your shirt and letting your hair go in loose waves. It’s the easiest costume change you’ll ever make! 

Dress it Down

When your after-work plans are casual, your outfit transition is a no-brainer. Wear your blazer with straight-leg pants and trendy (yet appropriate) flats or heels. Ankle booties or fringed stilettos are always a hit, taking you easily from a hip work space to drinks with the crew in no time.

Picture6.png business casual

In fact, if your workplace is super nonchalant, you can probably get away with wearing the same outfit to work as you would later on—how’s that for efficiency?

Preparing outfits for day-to-night fashion doesn’t need to be tricky. By making these few subtle changes, you can effortlessly slip into happy hour without a second thought. Enjoy your cosmos ladies!