How to wear antique pieces

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to wearing antique pieces and this has made most professional women shy away from such outfits simply because they don’t want to risk looking like some 20 year old party girl. Antique is a term used to describe an item that has been used or made in a different era. Antique shopping is still one of the most pocket friendly and fun ways to bring back the previous styles to current trends.

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Here are a few tips on how to make your antique pieces or outfits current.

Mixing eras

You do not want to wear antique pieces from same clothing periods that can make it Wear Antiques Picture2look like you are in costume. Try mixing it up with a variety of eras that will give it a timeless look. You could wear a poodle skirt from the 1950’s with a collared top from the 1900’s and a nice nude clutch.


Mixing antique with modern clothing

Try to keep you outfits balanced with a 50/50 modern and antique clothing variation. The head-to-toe match-up is so outdated and boring but wearing antique along with modern pieces, an addition of modern accessories and make up will give it a unique style.




Get ideas from current trends

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Get inspiration from pieces that are being revived now, those featured on fashion
magazines, blogs and stores that offer a wide selection of antique-inspired but made in the modern way. You’ll be able find some that are in a perfect condition and fit right.

Antique piece as a focal point

To create a fashion statement with your antique pieces, wear them with minimal modern accessories that will still make them the focal point of your outfit. You should also dress around one statement piece so that your whole outfit is not overwhelming and avoid accessories that would clash with your piece.

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Wear antique pieces that are in good condition. They should be dry-cleaned before you wear them. This is because most of them would have wrinkles or smells that are hard to get rid of by yourself. Get perfectly fitting antique pieces, do not go for those that are not your size. Or either you can consider taking them to a tailor for smooth fitting. You should also limit your outfit colors to 3 or less to make the pieces work together.