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Fresco artist Liu Zheng Click here for the full interview …… Born in China’s Hebei province but raised in Beijing, 35 year-old Fresco artist Liu Zheng is the son of a fashion designer and a […]

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Photographer Joseph Pascual

Interview by Allyanna Anglim, based in Hong Kong ////////////////////////// Joseph Pascual, 25, is a Manila-based full-time photographer-blogger. He has done shoots for popular Filipino publications like the Philippine Daily Inquirer and local fashion and lifestyle […]

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Pinaki Chakravarty

Photographer Pinaki Chakravarty

Interview by Ekaterina Khaletskaya, based in Moscow //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Pinaki Chakravarty, 33, is a photographer, writer and designer currently based in Switzerland. For the last 10 years, he has traveled around the world to capture marginalized […]